Thursday, September 07, 2006

The start of BOLC II

I'm settled in at Ft. Benning. The first week is inprocessing and getting used to BOLC II (the training I'm doing) so it's not too exciting. It's nice though because we have a lot of free time and we're treated like lieutenants. It's nothing like the LDAC camp I went to before senior year. The atmosphere is much more laid back. As our Captain says, we're playing by "big boy big girl rules" now. The prep I did over the summer was enough so far, I haven't had the culture shock I was half expecting since I've been out of the ROTC/Army lifestyle for almost a year and a half since graduation. I have two other roommates who are cool, and our squad is small but it seems like a good bunch of people, so we should become tight over the seven weeks. What else? We have a PT test tomorrow, the food is decent, internet access is a little tough since we don't have it in our rooms, but so far I'm liking the whole experience.

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